Maine Moose Hunting

Trophy Moose Hunt in Western Maine

Maine Moose Hunt

Wildlife Management District 8

Truly a magnificent animal, the moose is the largest member of the deer family. A fully mature bull will tip the scales at 900 to 1200 pounds field dressed………. Once thought to be as easy as shooting a cow in a pasture, moose and moose hunting in Maine has changed drastically.

Years ago, riding the seemingly endless paper company roads until you spot a giant bull feeding in a small bog just off the road was the common method used to bag a moose. This has become a thing of the past. Moose hunting has become more challenging and pre-scouting and knowledge of the area is the key to a succesful hunt.

Fifteen Mile Stream Guide Service can eliminate unproductive areas before you arrive in order to increase your chance of a successful moose hunt.

We primarily hunt Moose in Wildlife Management District (WMD) 8. Our lodge is conveniently located in WMD 8, providing nearby access to thousands of acres of some of the finest Moose hunting territory in the state. View a map of Maine’s Wildlife Management Districts.

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